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Substance Abuse Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPS) Evaluation Project: Results of the Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) study

Susan W. Hayashi, PhD, Amy Moody, MPH, Marcia Suzuki, BA, Anita Cobb, BA, and Susan Hubbard, PhD. Johnson, Bassin, & Shaw, Inc., 8630 Fenton Street, 12th Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 301-495-1080 x3016, shayashi@jbs1.com

Over the last couple years, knowledge has been gained about the impact of practice guidelines on publicly funded substance abuse (SA) treatment; however, additional information regarding strategies to facilitate technology transfer and treatment guideline adoption is lacking. Since 1993, the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) has sponsored the development and dissemination of Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs), which are consensus-based best practice guidelines intended to provide salient and effective approaches to SA treatment. CSAT is funding a 4-year evaluation of TIPs' effectiveness based on the diffusion of innovations theoretical framework (Rogers, 1995). To date, a retrospective 2-wave cross sectional survey assessed how clinicians access and use TIPs; to generate new theory about how the SA treatment community uses guidelines; if, how, and when they incorporate TIPs into their programming; and how TIPs can be improved. The present study builds upon results of the TIPs Evaluation Project's Retrospective Study and, using formal qualitative methods, explored the use of CSAT products by faculty and curriculum developers associated with CSAT sponsored Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTC). Participants (n=57) took part in one-hour, semi-structured interviews. Qualitative analysis methods are yielding important theory-relevant findings on the use of CSAT materials in ATTC courses and curricula and how products maybe improved to facilitate technology transfer for practitioners. The results contribute to new theory in the areas of health communication and the dissemination of information as well as provide insight for application of research in SA treatment settings. See www.samhsa.gov/centers/csat/csat.html

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Keywords: Practice Guidelines, Substance Abuse Treatment

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