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Factors Associated with HIV Disclosure to Family and Friends

Lea Trujillo1, Megan E. O'Brien, MPH1, Carl Kendall, PhD1, Susan Hassig, DrPH2, Joshua Volle, DrPH3, and Patricia Kissinger, PhD4. (1) School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, Tulane University, 1440 Canal Street Ste. 2207, New Orleans, LA 70112, 504-988-6265, ltrujil@tulane.edu, (2) Department of International Health and Development, Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, 1400 Canal Street, Suite 2200, New Orleans, LA 70112, (3) Family Health International, (4) Epidemiology Department, Tulane University, 1440 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA

Abstract Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between social support and disclosure of HIV status. Two questions are posed 1) are selected social support indicators associated with disclosure of HIV status? and 2) are these associations different for disclosure to family versus friends? Methods: A convenience sample of 255 HIV positive patients who were recruited from a local medical care provider of HIV treatment in New Orleans from July 1997 to July 2000 were included. Three social support indicators were utilized (i.e. having a best friend, having a spiritual guide, and/or belonging to a social support group). Results: The cohort was predominantly single, African American men, evenly split between heterosexual and gay/bisexual, with a mean age of 37.9 years (s.d. 9.2). Disclosure to at least one family member and disclosure to a friend was 83% and 75%, respectively. Persons who disclosed were more likely to belong to a support group than were those who had not disclosed to family (22% vs. 8%, p < 0.05) and to friends (23% vs. 11%, p < 0.05). Persons who disclosed were more likely to have a best friend than were those who had not disclosed to family (76% vs. 60%, p < 0.05) and to friends (83% vs. 48%, p < 0.05). Conclusion: There was an association between social support and disclosure of HIV status. Interventions to improve social support may improve disclosure and vice versa.

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Keywords: HIV/AIDS,

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