3236.0: Monday, October 22, 2001 - 5:00 PM

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Use of Diabetic Eye Assessment Form for improving communication between the eye care professional and the primary care physician

Joan Wimberly, RN1, Greer L. Geiger, MD2, Jeroan Allison, MD1, and James F. DeLong, MD3. (1) Quality Improvement and Communications, Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation, One Perimeter Park South, Suite 200 North, Birmingham, AL 35243-2354, 205-970-1600,ext.3434, alpro.jwimberly@sdps.org, (2) Brookwood Eye Institute, 513 Brookwood Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35209, (3) Medical Administration, Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation, One Perimeter Park South, Suite 200 North, Birmingham, AL 35243-2354

The Alabama Peer Review Organization (PRO), Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation (AQAF), is partnering with the Alabama Academy of Ophthalmology and the Alabama Optometric Association in a national eye initiative to improve the rate of dilated eye exams in Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes. An Eye Assessment Form has been designed to: 1. Insure the primary care MD that the patient is getting the recommended eye exam; 2. Assist the primary MD in evaluating the effectiveness of the patient's treatment plan, 3. Insure that the primary MD is aware of a given patient having complications that need follow up, and; 4. What frequency the eye care professional recommends follow-up eye exams.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, the participant (learner) will be able to: 1.Identify the need for the eye professional and the primary care physician to communicate patient's treatment and status. 2. Identify the importance of using a formal patient referral process by the primary care physician to the eye care professional. 3. Understand the need to utilize the eye assessment form as an evaluation of how the patient's treatment plan is working.

Keywords: Diabetes, Partnerships

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