3239.0: Monday, October 22, 2001 - 9:24 PM

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The FCTC: Implications for tobacco agriculture and the environment

Ross Hammond, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 242 Edna Street, San Francisco, CA 94112, 1-415-695-7492, margross@igc.org

The practices involved in tobacco agriculture are often overlooked in their public health relevance to the FCTC. However, for many countries, there is a real and pressing need to address the conditions of tobacco leaf cultivation in the FCTC and in other tobacco control activities. From the use of child labor, dangerous pesticides, and illnesses from contact with the tobacco plant to the nutrition of farmers and farm communities, tobacco agriculture and its health and environmental effects should be a concern to public health and the Framework Convention. This paper illustrates the dangers of tobacco agriculture and the necessity for agricultural laborers to be involved and represented in the development of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Learning Objectives: Understanding how the FCTC can have a positive impact on agriculture and environmental issues in tobacco-cultivation dependent economies.

Keywords: Tobacco Control, Advocacy

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