3126.0: Monday, October 22, 2001 - 2:50 PM

Abstract #32808

Role of the Laboratory in the Diagnosis and Management of MDR-TB

Beverly Metchock, PhD, Division of AIDS, STD, and TB Laboratory Research, CDC, TB/Mycobacteriology Branch, Atlanta, GA 30333, (404) 639-1285, bem1@cdc.gov

Mycobacteriology laboratories play a pivotal role in the control of tuberculosis. This is especially true for multidrug?resistant tuberculosis, for which rapid pathogen detection, isolation, and drug susceptibility testing are critical. Laboratories are encouraged to use rapid testing protocols according to defined algorithms that result in reliable, rapid and clinically relevant information and to periodically evaluate their testing protocols and the timeliness and clinical relevance of the results they generate and report. In addition, laboratories are encouraged to develop and maintain active lines of two-way communication with their clients - care givers and tuberculosis control programs - in order to better meet the needs of the clients and the laboratory.

Learning Objectives: To learn about the role of the laboratory in the diagnosis and management of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

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