The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

5144.0: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 - 3:24 PM

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Substance abuse prevention and workplace health promotion: Findings from the Workplace Managed Care project

Royer F. Cook, PhD, ISA Associates, Inc., 201 North Union Street, Suite 330, Alexandria, VA 22314 and Diane Deitz, PhD, ISA Associates, 201 North Union Street, Suite 330, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-739-0880,

This presentation will highlight and describe important findings from the Workplace Managed Care (WMC) Project, a four-year cooperative agreement funded by CSAP. The intervention tested in the study was a substance abuse prevention program cast in a health promotion framework. The focus of the project was to assess changes in health attitudes, substance use behaviors, and health care utilization. In a quasi-experimental design implemented at two worksites, employees at one site received only the health promotion program and employees at the other site received the health promotion program with substance abuse prevention messages and materials. Program effects were measured comprehensively through surveys, human resource records, EAP visits, and analysis of medical claims data. The intervention was conducted for approximately 18 months and data were collected prior to the initiation of the program and one-year following. Hierarchial regression analyses were conducted on the data. Effects of the intervention included reduced heavy drinking, higher short-term EAP visits, and greater behavioral healthcare utilization. Analyis of pharmaceutical claims indicated significant increases in the prescribing of certain psychotropic drugs by both groups. Information on how best to design and implement a workplace-based substance abuse prevention program will be presented as well as lessons learned from a decade of this research. Recommendations to assist practitioners and researchers in workplace substance abuse prevention will also be presented.

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Keywords: Substance Abuse Prevention, Behavioral Research

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Broad Patterns and Trends in Substance Use and Health Sevices Utilization

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA