The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

4087.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 4

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Evaluating a youth-led, anti-tobacco movement

Caroline L. Dunn, PhD1, Phyllis L. Pirie, PhD2, Edith Lewison, BA1, and J. Michael Oakes, PhD1. (1) Division of Epidemiology, University of Minnesota, 1300 South Second Street, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55454-1015, 612-626-8238,, (2) School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, 1300 S. 2nd St, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55454-1015

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Evaluation, Substance Abuse Prevention

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I do not have any significant financial interest/arrangement or affiliation with any organization/institution whose products or services are being discussed in this session.

Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Control Research and Programs Poster Session

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA