The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

4086.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 7

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Building strategies for tobacco cessation in teens and young adults

Evelyn R. Hayes, PhD, RN, CS-FNP and Lisa A. Plowfield, PhD, RN. College of Health & Nursing Sciences, University of Delaware, 319 Mc Dowell Hall, Newark, DE 19716, (302)831-8392,

The purpose of study is to obtain data essential to building effective cessation strategies for one of the fastest growing groups of tobacco users, the 18-24 year old cohort. Reasons for using products that can kill and disable are not well understood in teens and young adults. This descriptive study (convenience sample of 100 teens & young adults) increases the understanding of decision making about tobacco use and identifies the factors that motivate and inhibit tobacco use and its cessation. Research questions: 1) What motivates teens and young adults to begin smoking tobacco?; 2) What keeps non-smoking teens and young adults from beginning tobacco use?; 3) For those who smoke or have smoked, what situations increase their use of tobacco products?; 4) What incentives do teens and young adults have for ending their tobacco use; and 5) What types of cessation messages and programs are most attractive to teens and young adults?. The investigators developed a "Tobacco Use Among College Students" questionnaire for both smokers and nonsmokers. The self-administered questionnaire addresses 5 major areas: motivators and inhibitors of tobacco use, social behaviors related to tobacco use, effective cessation strategies, media impact upon cessation, and demographic characteristics of the respondents. The findings of this study provides information about smoking and nonsmoking behaviors of teens and young adults and provides a framework to meet Healthy People 2010 objectives and keep youth at a higher level of wellness.

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Keywords: Tobacco, Adolescents

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Tobacco Addiction Treatment (Cessation) Poster Session

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA