The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

4088.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 9

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Party smart: Evaluation of a responsible hospitality initiative for college students

Beth Canfield, MPH, School of Public Health, Ohio State University, 320 West 10th Avenue, B-207 Starling-Loving Hall, Columbus, OH 43210-1240, 614/292-4527,

Party Smart, developed during spring of 2001, is a new initiative at the Ohio State University. The objectives of Party Smart include preventing major off-campus disturbances, educating students about being responsible party guests (i.e. how to drink responsibly), and teaching off-campus residents how to make the community a safer, friendlier and cleaner place to live. Party Smart is dedicated to the ideas supporting safe and responsible drinking among OSU students.

Party Smart kits include both educational information about alcohol and other drugs and other important information having to do with partying responsibly as well as a Party Smart t-shirt; safer-sex kits; trash bags; 24 free Coca-cola products; and other materials. Currently Party Smart kits are being distributed to students who request them through campus offices, area property managers, and local alcohol distributors. Student Community Ambassadors will be helping to promote Party Smart by helping to distribute information in the dorms and in the off-campus area.

This initiative seems to be working well and is very well received by students, faculty and staff, and permanent off-campus residents. Mail and internet surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews will assess the Party Smart responsible hospitality initiative. Students and local property owners’ feedback will be used to improve the contents of the Party Smart kits. These measures will help establish a baseline idea of student knowledge and attitudes and will be used to gauge the effectiveness of this programming in the next two academic years to follow.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participants will be able to

Keywords: Evaluation, College Students

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