The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

3003.0: Monday, November 11, 2002 - 8:49 AM

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Canadian health warning messages: Six months after implementation

Murray Kaiserman1, Eva Makomaski Illing1, and Donna Dasko2. (1) Office of Research, Evaluation and Surveillance, Tobacco Control Programme, Pl 3507B, 123 Slater, Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9, Canada, 613 954 5851,, (2) Environics Research Group, 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 900, Toronto, ON M4W 3H1

Larger health warning messages with pictures began appearing in December, 2000 on cigarette brands sold in Canada. Beginning with initial baseline levels of consumer knowledge, attitudes and behaviour (KAB) in November/December 2000, prior to the appearance of these new messages, The Tobacco Control Programme of Health Canada has conducted follow-up studies at three month intervals. Results six months after implementaion (July/August of 2001) indicate that, since the appearance of these messages, cigarette packages continue to rank almost as high as televison as the number one source of information for both adult smokers (57% vs 60%) and youth smokers (66% vs 41%). The results further indicate that smokers are "learning" the information provided on the messages, with 23% of adult smokers and 28% of youth smokers correctly identifying the number of Canadians who die annually from smoking related diseases compared to 16% and 18%, respectively, at baseline. Finally, the new messages continue to have strong support among smokers with 78% of adults and and 90% of youth smokers agreeing that the messages provide important information and 50% adults and 48% of youth smokers stating that the new messages have an effect in increasing the desire to quit, to smoke less often and to smoke less around others. The purpose of this presentation is to provide and discuss these six month post-implementation results for both adult and youth smokers.

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Keywords: Tobacco, Smoking Cessation

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Comparing the Impact of Tobacco Packaging in the US and Canada

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA