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4009.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 9

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Tobacco use among Asian sub-populations

Hao Tang, MD, PhD, California Department of Health Services, Tobacco Control Section, P.O. Box 942732, MS 555, 601 N. 7th Street, MS 555, Sacramento, CA 95814 and Jessica R. Schumacher, MS, Tobacco Control Section, California Department of Health Services, 601 North 7th Street, PO Box 942732, MS 555, Sacramento, CA 94234-7320, (916) 324-3719,

Context: Although strong needs of tobacco use studies among Asian sub-populations have been identified, there is a lack of documentation on the current tobacco use status among those populations.

Methods: 1999 California Tobacco Survey was used to analyze the tobacco use data for Chinese (n=2594), Filipino (n=2474), Japanese (n=1504) and Korean (n=533). SAS Callable SUDAAN 8.00 is used for data analyses. Smoking prevalence including current smoking and daily smoking prevalence, and other smoking behavior information such as the daily cigarette consumption, other tobacco product use and quit attempt are presented.

Results: Among these groups, Korean males have the highest prevalence rates (32.4%5.9%). Chinese males have the lowest prevalence rates (15.7%2.0%). Filipino and Japanese males have the similar smoking prevalence as Hispanic and non-Hispanic White. However, females in all four sub-populations are less likely to be current smokers as compared to other race/ethnicity groups. Female respondents who speak English at home were much more likely to smoke cigarette than those who speak their native languages at home. For male respondents, the same trend is only observed in Chinese.

Conclusion: The results indicate that some cultural elements such as social value and acculturation may play an important role in tobacco use among Asian sub-populations. Specifically designed studies that take those elements into account are desired for these groups to ensure a representative tobacco use estimates.

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Keywords: Tobacco, Asian Americans

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The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA