The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

4005.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 3

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Effectiveness of free comprehensive smoking cessation services

Anne Gadomski, MD, MPH, Barbara Leo, RN, and Karen Tourtelot, FNP. Research Institute, Bassett Healthcare, One Atwell Road, Cooperstown, NY 13326, 6075473169,

Background: Funded by the tobacco settlement, a family nurse practitioner provided free smoking cessation services to county residents over 6 months. Services included an individualized counseling, motivational interviewing, stages of change linked intervention and pharmacotherapy. Objective: To measure the effectiveness of this program. Methods: Prospective medical record review and follow-up telephone survey. Results: 92 patients were seen for a mean of 3.7 visits. The mean age was 43 years (range=15 to 73). Most patients (93%) smoked cigarettes, 4% use chewing tobacco and 3% smoked cigars or pipes. 77% smoked between 1 - 2 packs per day. The mean number of years smoking was 26 years with a mean of 3 prior quit attempts. The mean number of minutes after awaking up to first use of tobacco was 14 minutes. At the initial visit, 71% had not set a quit date. 64% placed themselves at the contemplative stage, 20% in preparation, 6% in action, 2% in maintenance, 1% at the precontemplative stage and 3% in relapse. 86% reported that they were interested in nicotine replacement or other medicines to help them stop smoking. 45% were prescribed nicotine replacement or bupropion at the initial visit. The average cost of drugs was $87 per patient including prescription copays (range=0 to $245). The quit rate was 42% at 3 months and 28% at 6 months. Conclusions: Specialized, intensive and comprehensive services provided at no cost to highly addicted smokers leads to higher quit rates than those achievable in primary care.

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    The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA