The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

3078.0: Monday, November 11, 2002 - 10:30 AM

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SESSION ABSTRACT "New findings from the 2000/2001 National Alcohol Survey: A focus on special populations"

Thomas K. Greenfield, PhD, Alcohol Research Group, Public Health Institute, 2000 Hearst Ave., Suite 300, Berkeley, CA 94709-2130, (510) 642-5208,

Results of the new National Alcohol Survey (N10) addressing problems in special populations will be presented and implications for alcohol policy and epidemiology discussed. N10 is the latest of a 5-yearly epidemiological survey series conducted for the Alcohol Research Group, tracking evolving drinking practices in the US. In all 9,044 respondents were interviewed by telephone (411 re-interviewed in person), including 1,021 aged 18-39 in a San Francisco Bay Supplement studying Risk of AIDS. The main survey of 50 states included over-samples of African Americans, Hispanics and low-population states. After a session overview, Tom Greenfield will present risk-curve analyses examining the dose-response functions for black white and Hispanic samples, linking volume and frequency of heavy drinking to alcohol dependence and tangible consequences. Patricia McDaniel will consider the ways in which drinking contexts affect women and men's drinking patterns, to be followed by Karen Trocki, who reports on substance abuse and risky sexual practices, drawing on both national data and her Bay Area Supplement. Laurie Drabble next presents new results on alcohol use and problems among lesbians and gay men. Lastly, Anne Lown reports initial findings on the association between women's self-reported child sexual abuse, adolescent heavy drinking and later alcohol problems. The discussant, Tom Harford, will explore implications of these results for informing public health policy and practice by identifying high-risk groups, helping design effective interventions and distinguish safer from more hazardous drinking patterns. (Intro. 6 mts; presentations and discussant 12 mts ea.; 12 mts for audience. Supported by NIAAA Center grant P50 AA05595)

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Keywords: Alcohol Problems, Special Populations

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Special Populations - What People Say: The National Alcohol Survey

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA