The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

3002.0: Monday, November 11, 2002 - 9:42 AM

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A spectrum of use: A continuum of risk

Richard Elovich, MPH, Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University, 280 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 718 832-5050,

Nationally recognized trainer on harm reduction and former director of HIV prevention at Gay Men's Health Crisis, Richard Elovich looks critically at how the credibility and efficacy of research, education and interventions on club drugs are often limited by an exclusive "abuse" focus. He proposes an alternative framework of spectrum of use and continuum of risk. He goes on to outline and provide examples of how realistic harm reduction strategies can expand both the reach and effectiveness of health programs beyond a "one size fits all" focus on the club drugs themselves in order to more credibly engage practices of club drug using social networks and to address environmental and structural forces that shape use and risk.

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Club Drugs: Trends and Harm Reduction

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA