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4006.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - Board 7

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Predictors for smoking behavior among Vietnamese living in Northern California: Vietnamese Behavioral Risk Factors Survey’ 2001

Mohammad M Rahman, MD, DrPH, Nhien Luong, MPH, Stephanie D. Golz, MPH, Kavita Thirumalai, MPH, Hozefa A. Divan, MSPH, Aimee Reedy, MPH, and Guadalupe S Olivas, PhD. Santa Clara County Public Health Department, 3003 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128, 408-885-4211,

Objective: To examine the factors associated with smoking behavior among Vietnamese living in Santa Clara County of California.

Background: Vietnamese have a high prevalence of smoking. Factors associated with smoking among the Vietnamese population living in the USA are not precisely known.

Study design: A cross sectional random-digit dialing telephone survey was conducted.

Methods: The sampling frame consisted of 27 Vietnamese surnames from state telephone directory. 660 adults aged 18-64 were interviewed to collect information on health risk behaviors that included general health status, alcohol and tobacco use, HIV/AIDs, sexual behavior, injury control, hypertension and cholesterol screening, and acculturation.

Results: Of the 660 adults, 364 (55.2%) were male and 296 (44.8%) were female. Among males, the percentage (95% CI) of current smokers was 31.9 (27.1, 36.8); and among females, only one woman smoked. Respondents who were predominantly Vietnamese speaking were more likely to smoke (OR: 3.66; 95% CI: 1.60, 8.34). Current drinking status (OR: 4.44; 95% CI: 2.62, 7.31), not having physical check up within last 2 years (OR: 2.70; 95% CI: 1. 65, 4.67), and not having their cholesterol checked (OR: 2.60; 95% CI: 1.52, 4.44) were individual risk factors for smoking behaviors.

Conclusion: Acculturation level as measured by language use was inversely associated with smoking among Vietnamese adults. Other health risk behaviors such as drinking and not checking cholesterol were strong predictors of smoking behavior and should be considered in prevention programs.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant (learner) in this session will be able to

Keywords: Smoking, Vietnam

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