The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

3003.0: Monday, November 11, 2002 - 9:07 AM

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Public attitudes toward and knowledge of cigarette package warning labels in the United States and Canada

Michelle Larkin, RN, MS1, Donald Shopland2, Brian C Castrucci, BA3, and Nancy J. Kaufman, RN,, MS1. (1) The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Route 1 and College Road East, Princeton, NJ 08543, 609/627-7623,, (2) Consultant, Consultant, 7206 Peekskill Drive, Frederick, MD 21702, (3) Department of Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, 23640 Walden Center Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

While the United States was the first country to mandate health warnings on cigarette packaging, in 2001, Canada was the fist country to adopt new, more graphic warning labels. Prior to 2001, warning labels in the two countries were similar – text only, though in Canada the labels were placed on the front or back as opposed to the side of the pack as in the United States. This presentation will examine the opinions and attitudes of adults and youth toward warning labels in Canada and the United States.

In 2000, health agencies in Canada and the United States jointly developed a survey instrument that could be implemented in each country to explore attitudes toward and knowledge of cigarette package warning labels. These surveys, administered by telephone to a random sample of adults and youth, provide the basis for this presentation.

This comparison will demonstrate similar attitudes toward warning labels among the citizenry of the United States and Canada prior to Canada’s implementation of the more graphic warning label. Given the similarities, any gains experienced in Canada as a result of the new warning labels could be experienced in the United States if similar labels were adopted.

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Comparing the Impact of Tobacco Packaging in the US and Canada

The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA