The 130th Annual Meeting of APHA

4141.0: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 - 12:30 PM

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“Appui Global”: Coordinating Development Assistance to Health Zones in DR Congo

Felix Minuku, MD, MPH, Technical Coordination, SANRU III Basic Rural Health Project, Ave. de la Justice, Kinshasa-Gombe, Congo-Kinshasa, 8944142,

A typical health zone in DR Congo includes a hospital, 20 health centers, 200 villages to serve 150,000 people. The health zone is designed to provide appropriate health care interventions and support service at each level.

The Ministry of Health has the responsibility to identify development partners for each health zone. Currently, there are about 40 development partners assisting 200 of the 306 health zones in DR Congo.

Each partner, and each approach, has comparative advantages (and disadvantages). Some partners concentrate their assistance into one or two health zones. Other partners spread their assistance across many health zones. Some partners just provide medicines to health centers within a health zone without working through the health zone office or hospital, while other partners are providing a more complete assistance package, but to only two or three health centers.

To improve the coordination of this development assistance the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with its partners, has defined an “Appui Global” assistance package for a typical health zone. This five-year development package is estimated at around $850,000 per health zone, which translates to an investment and operational cost of just over $1 per person per year.

Some donors are already using “Appui Global” as the reference point and “unit cost” standard for project design. In addition, development partners are encouraged to use “Appui Global” to coordinate, complement and complete assistance to health zones where two or more partners are operating.

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Rebuilding Primary Health Care and Health Zones in DR Congo

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