Session: Involving Consumers/Family in Treatment Decisions
3221.0: Monday, November 17, 2003: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Involving Consumers/Family in Treatment Decisions
There is significant interest in increased involvement of consumers of public sector mental health services and their family members in directing the course of care. This session seeks innovations in this field and evidence that such innovations affect the effectiveness, accessibility, or acceptability of care. It also discusses metholodological issues of evaluating the impact of consumer/family involvement on treatment.
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Presider(s):Kenneth S. Thompson
Discussant(s):Nancy Thomas, MEd
12:30 PMFamilies Working Together: Involving the family in child mental health treatment
Haleh Homayounjam, PsyD, Lisa Alexandra Mirabelli, PsyD, Carla Elia, PhD, Ann M. Gerber, LCSW, Lori J. Breeden, MMFT
12:45 PM"Psychoeducation Responsive to Families": Twelve-month outcomes of a randomized clinical effectiveness trial for families with an adult member with mental illness
David E. Pollio, PhD, Jennifer Boersma, MSW, Donna Reid, MSW, Carol S. North, MD, MPE
1:00 PMUnderstanding the economic impact of serious mental illness on the family: An application of the willingness to pay approach
Norah Mulvaney-Day, PhD
1:15 PMPredicting Utilization of Coping Mechanisms among Persons with Serious Mental Illness
John A. Hornik, PhD, Terri S. Tobin, PhD, Blossom Davies, PhD
1:30 PMWho uses self-help?
Paula N. Goering, RN, PhD, Janet Durbin, MSc, Christina Tess Sheldon, MSc, Joanna Ochocka, PHD, Geoffrey Nelson, PhD, Terry Krupa, PhD
Organized by:Mental Health
Endorsed by:Public Health Education and Health Promotion
CE Credits:CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing, Pharmacy

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA