Session: Meeting the Needs of the Medically Underserved and Uninsured
4117.0: Tuesday, November 18, 2003: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Meeting the Needs of the Medically Underserved and Uninsured
This poster session presents disparities in the health care received and outcome status for racial minorities according to their health insurance status. Attention is given to funding for AIDS, nutrition, WIC and uninsuted children.
Learning Objectives: Posters will present: 1)how community residents are used to expand health care:; 2)strategies to overcome challenges in hospital participation for collecting informaiton for monitoring care of the uninsured; and 3)racial and ethnic esparities in health outcomes associated with insurance status.
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Board 1AIDS drug assistance programs: The cost of treatment remains a significant barrier to accessing medications
Amy Wolfson, MPH, Paul J. Mahanna, MA, Faye E. Malitz, MS
Board 2Barriers to reaching and enrolling the working poor in a Federal Nutrition Program
Patti L. Paddock, MPH, CHES, Carol Chase, MS, RD, Patricia Costanza, CEO, Dorothy Place, PhD
Board 3Benefits of a community health fair in a medically underserved community
Stacey B Plichta, ScD, Betty A. Powers-Luhn, RN, MSN, C. Thomas Somma, PhD, MT(ASCP) SC, Kellie R. Murphree, BSDH, MS, Jewel S. Goodman, MPA, Shreeram U. Kumar, MS
Board 4Contending with health disparities through community-based models of care: The Family Van Program
Nancy E. Oriol, MD, Alba N. Cruz, PhD, MPH, Rainelle White, Toni K. Williams, BS, Linda Clayton, MD, MPH, Michael Byrd, MD, MPH
Board 5Crossing borders for healthcare services: Identifying the trends
Rachel Annette Summers, Julie Ann Parrish, MA, Coleman Chandler, MPH, Monica L. Wendel, MA, MPH, James N Burdine, Dr PH, Michael Felix, Sanu Somachandran, MPH, Jay Jezierski, MPH
Board 6Increasing children’s health insurance enrollment and utilization: A collaborative partnership between pediatricians and community health workers
Anisha Patel, MD, MPH, Janine S. Bishop, MPH, Lisa J. Chamberlain, MD, MPH
Board 7Insurance coverage and health: Greater disparities found in a community health survey
Ami M. Shah, MPH, Cynthia L. Williams, MS, Steven Whitman, PhD
Board 8Maximizing the impact of policy-related research findings: Evaluation and technical support for the dissemination of findings from the Child Health Insurance Research Initiative
Lisa S. Kretz, PhD, Jennifer Burns Bonney, MPH, Becky Melzer, MA, Susan W. Hayashi, PhD
Board 9Satisfaction with quality of care among the uninsured
Elliott Garrett, MSW, Celia Larson, PhD, Erika Shambaugh, MA, Karen Grimm, MA, Bart Perkey, MSW
Board 10Success and barriers to monitoring the care of the uninsured
Elliott Garrett, MSW, Bart Perkey, MSW, Celia Larson, PhD, Erika Shambaugh, MA
Organized by:Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Endorsed by:Chiropractic Health Care; Maternal and Child Health; Socialist Caucus

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA