Session: From Cradle to the Grave: Alcohol Problems across Generations Poster Session
3319.0: Monday, November 17, 2003: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
From Cradle to the Grave: Alcohol Problems across Generations Poster Session
Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Board 1Alcohol use and medical care utilization among older adults
Bentson H. McFarland, MD PhD, Nathalie Huguet, MA, Brigid Zani, MA, Mark S. Kaplan, DrPH, Jason T. Newsom, PhD
Board 2An analysis of social and political perspectives regarding fetal alcohol syndrome and the development of American Indian policies regarding alcohol misuse
Lisa Marie A. Gomez, Philip A. May, PhD, J. Phillip Gossage, PhD
Board 3Case study evaluation of statewide college alcohol prevention initiatives
Gloria DiFulvio, MPH, MEd, Jill Capitani, MPP, Laurie Davidson, MA
Board 4Childhood abuse and risky drinking in women
Madhabika B. Nayak, PhD, Lee Ann Kaskutas, DrPH, E. Anne Lown, DrPH, Thomas K. Greenfield, PhD, Marjorie J. Robertson, PhD
Board 5Discrepancy between self-reported alcohol use by pregnant women and their knowledge of adverse effects of alcohol during pregnancy
Michelle Quallich, BS, Barbara Hanusa, PhD, Joseph Conigliaro, MD, MPH, Nancy L Day, PhD, Cynthia Larkby, PhD, Melissa McNeil, MD, MPH, Carol Gilmour, MD, MPH, Margaret Watt-Morse, MD, MPH, Kevin L. Kraemer, MD, MSc
Board 6Parent and youth perspectives on drinking patterns: Disagreement on use, agreement on treatment/intervention
Missy C Fleming, PhD, Richard Alan Yoast, PhD
Board 7Preventing a next generation of FAS: Recognizing women with FAS and delivering effective intervention
Therese M. Grant, PhD, Janet Huggins, PhD
Board 8Race and gender patterns of alcohol disorders and their effects on service utilization among Tennessee Medicare elderly
Barbara J. Kilbourne, PhD, Baqar, A Husaini, PhD, Darren E. Sherkat, PhD, Robert S. Levine, MD, Van A. Cain, MA
Board 9Using focus groups to develop a way to discourage birthday binge drinking among college students
Cherie Green, MS, Angela Cerney, BS, Isabella Photrou, BS, Christine Labyk, MS, CNP, CHES, Ken Culton, MS, LCSW
Board 10Improving assessment of alcohol consumption behaviors and contextual factors with wireless handheld computers: Results from a pilot study
Stuart Usdan, PhD, CHES, Jay M Bernhardt, PhD, MPH
Organized by:Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by:Maternal and Child Health; School Health Education and Services

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA