Session: The Emerging Public Health Practice-Research Agenda: How it Will Shape, Improve and Transform Practice & Professional Education
3250.0: Monday, November 17, 2003: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
The Emerging Public Health Practice-Research Agenda: How it Will Shape, Improve and Transform Practice & Professional Education
Overwhelming evidence supports the need for increased public health research in the U.S. Practice-based research is an area of public health research that blends the resources of academia and practice toward an evidentiary, practice research agenda. The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) two seminal public health reports in 2002 has observed that practice-based research and its underlying basis of ecological, transdisciplinary methods, is necessary for effective public health interventions. This session will address what practice-based research is, the institutional capacity, benefits and challenges to implementing a practice-based research agenda, and the relationships among different types of practice research (systems research, participatory-based research, action research, etc.) Among the benefits of practice-based research are that it: 1) maximizes the outcomes for academia, practitioners, and the population; 2) contributes to improvement of the public health infrastructure; and, 3) confirms the value of academic public health practice. Specifically, among the challenging issues to be addressed is the dissonance of standard research ideas, as well as the understanding, and approaches of practice faculty (academic public health practice) versus practitioners (public health practice). The significance of involving the public health academia as primary participants in public health practice research and how academic public health practice affects all types of practice-based research will also be discussed.
Learning Objectives: 1) Define and describe practice-based research and its various forms; 2) Discuss how academic-practice shapes and evaluates practice-based research; 3) Identify the importance of academic public health practice toward elevating the goals of public health systems research; 4) Establish the increasing need for institutional policies to advance academic-practice & transdisciplinary research agenda that is ecological in nature and necessitates partnerships to improve the overall public health infrastructure.
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2:30 PMNew Paradigms of Practice-Based Research: IOM Recommendations & Schools of Public Health
Geraldine S. Aglipay
2:50 PMAdvancing public health systems research
Jennifer Stanley, MA, Chris L. Day, MPH
Organized by:Academic Public Health Caucus
CE Credits:CME, Health Education (CHES), Nursing, Pharmacy

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA