Session: Occupational Health & Safety: Posters Plus!!
3301.0: Monday, November 17, 2003: 2:30 PM-4:00 PM
Occupational Health & Safety: Posters Plus!!
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2:30 PMCancer mortality in white and black men and women in nursing and personal care facilities in four states
James T. Walker, PhD
2:33 PMAcute and Chronic Disability among US Firefighters: The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
David James Lee, PhD, William LeBlanc, Phd, Lora E. Fleming, MD PhD MPH MSc, Orlando Gomez-Marin, PhD, MSc, Dulce Jane, MA, Terry Pitman
2:36 PMEffectiveness of prevention/ control intervention on work-related asthma: Implications for Health Services Research
John A. Staley, MSEH
2:39 PMExamining racial disparity within occupation versus adjusting for race using the National Occupational Mortality Surveillance database
Jan Birdsey, MPH, Toni Alterman, PhD, Martin R Petersen, PhD
2:42 PMAcute and Chronic Disability Among US Farmers and Pesticide Applicators: The National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)
Orlando Gomez Marin, Phd, William LeBlanc, Phd, Diane Zheng, MS, David James Lee, PhD, Lora E. Fleming, MD PhD MPH MSc, Fangchao Ma, MD, Dulcie Jane, BA, Terry Pitman
2:45 PMAir pollution exposure and genetic damage in outdoor workers from two Mexican cities
J. Horacio Tovalin-Ahumada, MS, Emilio Rojas, PhD, Mahara Valverde, PhD, Maria Morandi, PhD
2:48 PMOn-duty fire fighter fatalities due to cardiovascular disease (CVD): A case-series
Thomas R. Hales, MD, MPH, Tommy Baldwin, CSP, J. Scott Jackson, RNP
2:51 PMWork-related asthma in California: 8 years of surveillance (1993-2000)
Jennifer Flattery, MPH, Eleana Martysh, BS, Florence Reinisch, MPH, Robert Harrison, MD, MPH
2:54 PMHearing protector use among farmers and construction laborers
Marjorie C. McCullagh, PhD, RN, Madeleine Kerr, PhD, RN
2:57 PMA retrospective cohort study of general mortality in Florida firefighters
Fangchao Ma, MD MPH, Lora E. Fleming, MD PhD MPH MSc, David James Lee, PhD, Edward Trapido, ScD
3:00 PMCancer incidence in a cohort of Florida firefighters
Fangchao Ma, MD MPH, Lora E. Fleming, MD PhD MPH MSc, David James Lee, PhD, Edward Trapido, ScD
3:03 PMExtended work hours, cardiovascular disease, and musculoskeletal disorders among health care workers
Karen L. Gurnitz, MPH, Paul A. Landsbergis, PhD, MPH, Jonathan Dropkin, MS, Robin Herbert, MD
3:06 PMMental health effects of workplace violence on nurses
Margaret A. McEntee, PhD, RN, Shannon Gwin Mitchell, PhD
3:09 PMGreen Tobacco Sickness and Salivary Cotinine Levels in Connecticut Shade Tobacco Farmworkers *
Marcia Trapé- Cardoso, MD, FACP, Anne Bracker, MPH, CIH, Michael Grey, MD, MPH, Eddie Sapiain, Cheryl Oncken, MD, Laura Victoria Barrera, MPH, Bruce Gould, MD
3:12 PMRegular and Binge Computing and College Student Health
Benjamin C. Amick, PhD, Nathaniel Hupert, MD, Michelle Robertson, PhD, CPE, Jessica Tullar, BS, Jeffrey N. Katz, MD, MS
3:15 PMCardiovascular risks in firefighters
Lance Byczek, BSN, RN, Surrey M. Walton, PhD, Karen M. Conrad, PhD, RN, MPH, Paul A. Reichelt, PhD, Daniel G. Samo, MD, FACOEM
3:18 PMPopulation-based incidence of on-the-job injury, 2002, New York City
Jim Cone, MD, MPH
3:21 PMSurveillance of occupational silicosis in California
Nancy L. Fleischer, BS, BA, Florence Reinisch, MPH, Jennifer Cavallari, BS, Peter Scholz, MPH, CIH, Robert Harrison, MD, MPH, Barbara L. Materna, PhD, CIH
3:24 PMOccupational hearing loss in a population based survey of US minority farm operators
Andrea L Steege, MPH, Toni Alterman, PhD, Jia Li, MS, Martin R Petersen, PhD
Organized by:Occupational Health and Safety
Endorsed by:Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
CE Credits:CME, Environmental Health, Health Education (CHES), Nursing, Pharmacy

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA