Session: Social Determinants of Health - Effects of Social Factors on Environmental Health
5023.2: Wednesday, November 19, 2003: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Social Determinants of Health - Effects of Social Factors on Environmental Health
This poster session provides an overview of social factor's that influence environmental health. In addition to such 'traditional' social factors as income, education, social support and network size, these presentations will also look at neighborhood and community level factors that affect health. Interactions between social factor's and environmental antecedents of disease will also be discussed. Both of these types of risk factors will be described in relation to both risk of exposure to environmental toxics and the risk of development of diseases such as Asthma, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.
Learning Objectives: After attending this session participants will be able to: 1)Identify Social factors that play a role in environmentally mediated disease 2) Describe how differences in social and economic characteristics may lead to differential risk for exposure to environmental contaminanants and development of environmentally mediated disease
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Board 1Potential for socio-economic confounding in environmental asthma studies
Tomas Tamulis, MSc, PhD student, Monroe James King, DO
Board 2Separate But Unequal: The Relationship between Segregation and Air Toxics Exposures and Associated Health Risks Among Diverse Communities
Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD, MPH
Board 3Asthma and Diabetes: Environmental Implications of Community-Level and Individual-Level Socioeconomic Effects
Gary D. Klein, PhD, Caroline G. West, MA, MPAff, Abdul Beraima, PhD, Kathleen H. Coughey, PhD
Board 4Development of an Indicator of Community Print Media Reputation in Calgary, Canada
Lindsay McLaren, PhD, Rosemary Perry, BSc, Lesley Carruthers-Roe, MA, Penelope Hawe, PhD
Thandi Puoane, Dr PH, Hazel Bradley, BPham, MPH, Buyelwa Dlangamandla, RN, RM, Mickey Chopra, BSc, BM, DCH, MS, David Sanders, MB, ChB, MRCP
Board 6Disparities in the prevalence, severity and management of asthma among Chicago children
Helen Margellos, MPH, Ami M. Shah, MPH, Steven Whitman, PhD, Cynthia L. Williams, MS
Board 7How Much is Too Much? The Effect of Collecting Biological Specimens on Response Rates in Longitudinal Surveys
Kristine Fahrney, MSc, Linda Dimitropoulos, PhD, John Loft, PhD
Board 8Interrelationship Among Interpersonal Influences and Community Situational Influences on the Use of Health Promotion Behaviors by Urban Women
Robin Toft Klar, DNSc
Board 9Neighborhood level influences on all-cause mortality: Results from a prospective follow-up study
Marilyn A. Winkleby, PhD, MPH, Catherine Cubbin, PhD, Ying-Chih Chuang, PhD, David Ahn, Namita Oswal
Board 10Social determinants of cardiovascular disease in Detroit: Examining social and physical environments
Amy Schulz, PhD, Srimathi Kannan, PhD, J. Timothy Dvonch, PhD, Alison Benjamin, Paul Max
Organized by:Environment
Endorsed by:Epidemiology; Gerontological Health; Medical Care; Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Social Work

The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA