Session: Innovative Topics in Environmental Health - Poster Session
5023.3: Wednesday, November 19, 2003: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Innovative Topics in Environmental Health - Poster Session
This Poster Session provides information on a wide variety of emerging issues in enviromental health. The threat's to the Public's health which will be discussed in this session include: Issues of food safety and agroterrorism, West Nile surveillance, threat of prion diseases to humans living in the United States, and environmental exposures to substances such as DDE, DDT and gasoline vapors. The session will also present methods to protect the public such as Environmental surveillance and the use of Geographic Information Systems to "map out" exposures. Overall the session will provide an excellent overview of what's hot and what's next in environmental threats and protection of the public's health and natural environment.
Learning Objectives: After attending this session, the participant will be able to : 1) Identify new and emerging issues in Environmental Health 2)Describe how these issues affect the public's health 3) Identify measures necessary to combat these emerging threats to the public's health
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Board 1Polychlorinated biphenyls and thyroid function biomarkers in a sample of western New York State anglers and sportsmen
Michael S. Bloom, MS, John E Vena, PhD, Jim R Olson, PH D, Kirsten B Moysich, PhD
Board 2Fueling Florida's future: The findings and recommendations of the Clean Fuel Florida Advisory Board
Anthony J. Ferraro, MPH, Ashley Yelds, MA Economics, Alexander Kolpakov, Stephen L. Reich, Program Director
Board 3Assessing agroterrorism preparedness among Hillsborough county farmers and ranchers
Dorothea A. Larsen, BS
Board 4Post-epidemic West Nile virus serosurvey of dogs and cats – Louisiana, 2002
James C. Kile, DVM, MPH, Nicholas A. Panella, MS, Catherine C. Chow, MD, MPH, Nicholas Komar, ScD, Adam MacNeil, MPH, Michel L. Bunning, DVM, MPH
Board 5Exploring the zoonotic potential of chronic wasting disease in Wyoming: Creating a hunter registry
Angela M. Coss, MS, Scott A Seys, MPH, Joslyn D Cassady, PhD, Walter E Cook, DVM, Richard Johnson, Ermias D. Belay, MD, Lawrence B. Schonberger, MD, MPH
Board 6Study of health outcomes & environmental surveillance (SHOES) in Bosnia/Kosovo
Andrew E Lincoln, ScD, MS, Matthew J McAtee, BA, Aaron I. Schneiderman, PhD, RN, Han K Kang, DrPH
Board 7Application of Geographic Information Systems to Model Human Environmental Health Using Principles of Natural Ecology
Heather Basara, MS, Daniel T. Boatright, PhD, FRSH, Robert Lynch, PhD, May Yuan, PhD
Board 8Environmental strategies in the control of West Nile Virus: A local public health perspective and interagency model
Paul Biedrzycki, MPH, MBA, David Campbell, RS, Douglas Gieryn, Donna Howe
Board 9Exposure to DDT and DDE in relation to menstrual cycle length Laotian immigrants
Gayle C. Windham, PhD, Patrick R. Mitchell, DrPH, Myrto Petreas, PhD, Diana Lee, MPH, RD, Bill L. Lasley, PhD
Board 10Fertility and the environment in a natural resource dependent economy: Evidence from Petén, Guatemala
Elizabeth G. Sutherland, David L. Carr, Siân Curtis, PhD, Cynthia H. Cassell, MA
Withdrawn -- Farm-based controls are necessary to improve food safety
Caroline Smith DeWaal, JD
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The 131st Annual Meeting (November 15-19, 2003) of APHA