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Comprehensibility of instructions for missed pills: A randomized controlled trial comparing graphic and text formats

Dawn S. Chin-Quee, PhD, MPH, Health Services Research, Family Health International, 2224 E. NC Highway 54, Durham, NC 27713, (919) 544-7040, dchin-quee@fhi.org

It was estimated that in 2001 more than 2 million women around the world became unintentionally pregnant due to improper use of oral contraceptives. Much of this improper use can be attributed to forgetting to take the pill on a regular basis. Because there have been concerns that instructions for missed pills are too complicated for pill users, attempts have been made to simplify them by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and by the World Health Organization (WHO). Four versions of these instructions, in written (FDA) and graphic (WHO) form were tested for comprehensibility among previous and current pill users in Jamaica. Participants were randomized into eight groups (i.e., 4 instruction types by 21- or 28-day pill pack regimens) at 12 study sites. Women were presented with one version of the instructions along with scenarios for 21- or 28-day pill regimens in which one or more pills were missed. They were asked to list all the steps, according to their instructions, to be taken in order to avoid pregnancy for each scenario. It is expected that participants who were given the simplified graphic and written versions of the instructions will give more correct responses to scenarios than their counterparts who were given instructions that varied with the number of pills skipped and the week in which the pills were missed.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of the session, the participant (learner) will be able to

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Factors Affecting Sexual Behavior, Contraception, and Fertility-- U.S. and International Perspectives

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