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Using herbs in primary health care for homeless in Germany

Barbara Kroll, Gebal Gmbh Bielefeld Germany, Melanchthonstr.69, Bielefeld, 33615, Germany, 004952166301, Barbara.kroll@bitel.net

This project, called “STREETMED” was founded in 1996 in a northern city in Germany. The purpose was to provide medical care to homeless people in homeless shelters and on the streets by way of a mobile health unit staffed with a physician and other health personnel. Care is provided to about 1000 of the 300,000 city inhabitants. Many in this population would not receive medical care otherwise. Over 80% of this population has a drug abuse problem in addition to other medical problems. Data to be presented has been collected over 7 years. This study discusses the medical and psychiatric condition of patients, and the medical care provided for different conditions. Part of this treatment is the use of herbs, when appropriate. Herbs used for various conditions will be presented and their efficacy and value as a supplement to medical care will be discussed.

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