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Recent trends of lung cancer mortality in Mexico

Victor J. Tovar Guzman, MD, MPH, MSc and Francisco J. López Antuñano, MD, MPH. Center for Populational Health Research, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico, Avenida Universidad No.655, Colonia Santa Maria Ahuacatitlán, Cuernavaca, Morelos, 62508, Mexico, 52777112463, alantu@insp.mx

Objective. To analyze lung cancer (LC) mortality trends in Mexico. Method. Trend is constructed with the Age-adjusted LC mortality rates (AMR), death-year, birth-year, States, calendar-year and Standard Population. The Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR) and the Years of Potencial Lost Life Index (YPLLI), served to compare magnitud and premature death. We analyzed AMR by death-year age groups (30-74 years), quinquenio (1980-1999) and cohort (1910-1950). A Spearman Ranges correlation is made for per capita tobacco consumption, social margination and external migration. Results. The LC AMR 7,91/105 inhabitants in 1989 decreased to 5,96 (2000). This correlates with the decrease of per capita tobacco consumption from 2,145 Kg (1959) to 0,451 Kg (1982). The LC lag is 30 years, for Mexican population. Male: Female mortality ratio is 2,4. The highest AMR (<100) was in men who dye at 70-74 years old. The AMRs decreased and remain low in cohorts after 1945. The YPLLI shows that the LC magnitud and premature death is higher for men and women in Northern Mexico. The men cohorts from 1915 to 1940 show a small decrease; from 1944, they increase in groups 30-34 and 35-39 years old. The highest women’s AMR are in ages >75 years, and show decrease for cohorts 1945 and 1960. The deepest decrease is in group 30-34 years. The AMPs varied according to quinquenio, death-year and birth-year by sex. The coeficient correlation between the AMR by Mexican State and social margination was -0,70, p=0,0000; no significant correlation exists with the external migration index (p=0,5611).

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Keywords: Cancer Prevention, Tobacco Control

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