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Evaluating the measurement equivalence of the English and Spanish language versions of the SOCRATES-8S

Scott L. Hershberger, PhD, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD, Julio C. Rodríguez, and E. R. Archuleta, BA. Center for Behavioral Research & Services, California State University, Long Beach, 1090 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, 562-495-2330, scotth@csulb.edu

Learning Objectives: To understand the importance of measurement equivalence across different versions of a scale. Abstract Introduction: Psychometric studies, comparing the measurement characteristics of the English and Spanish Language versions of the SOCRATES 8-S (for sex behavior), have not been reported. Test equating methods based on item response theory (IRT) can be used to verify that the psychometric properties of the SOCRATES 8-S, which include item reliability, item difficulty, and item discrimination, are identical for the English and Spanish versions. Methods: The SOCRATES was administered on two occasions 48-hours apart. At the first administration there were 89 English-speaking and 60 Spanish-speaking participants, at the second, 69 and 51. Results: The 48-hour test-retest reliability of the SOCRATES, combining the English and Spanish language versions, was .868; Cronbach’s alpha, for the first occasion of measurement, was .931, and for the second occasion, .941. Comparable numbers for only the English language version were .878, .939, and .923; for the Spanish version, .863, .922, and .932. The two versions did not differ significantly in their item reliabilities, difficulties, and discrimination. Conclusions: The psychometric characteristics of the two versions of the SOCRATES are identical: Both versions are highly reliable, have items of above average “intensity,” and items which discriminate well among different levels of behavior. Based on these results, the versions do not have to be formally equated. Their measurement characteristics are already equivalent.

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Measurement Issues and Analyses for Public Health Research and Evaluation

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