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Designer drug use and HIV risk behavior in Los Angeles County, California

Adi Jaffe, BA, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD, Grace L. Reynolds, DPA(c), and Catherine M. Branson, BA. Center for Behavioral Research & Services, California State University, Long Beach, 1090 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, 562-495-2330, adijaffe@hotmail.com

Objective: To explore the relationship between designer drug use (DDU) and HIV risk in injection drug users (IDUs). Methods: A sample of 355 IDUs were recruited in Los Angeles County, CA. The Risk Behavior Assessment and Designer Drug Trailer were used to collect data. Results: IDUs who self-identified as gay or bisexual were more likely to have used MDMA (c2 (1, N = 299) = 10.3, p = .001), Ketamine (c2 (1, N = 299) = 35, p < .001), and GHB/GHL (c2 (1, N = 299) = 7.3, p < .01). Users of cocaine were more likely to have used MDMA (c2 (1, N = 308) = 4.5, p < .05), as were users of amphetamines (c2 (1, N = 308) = 4.4, p < .05). DDU was negatively correlated with age (r = -.38, p < .0001). IDUs who have previously been told that they are infected with HIV were significantly more likely to have ever used Ketamine (c2 (1, N = 279) = 7.7, p < .01). IDUs engaging in either receptive or insertive anal sex were significantly more likely to have used Ketamine (c2 (1, N = 339) = 11.3, p < .001), the only designer drug reported as having been injected. Conclusions: Self-identified gay men were found to be more likely to use designer drugs associated with high-risk sexual behavior. As use is associated with younger age, users may be less likely to consider themselves at risk and less likely to use safer sex methods.

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