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Ten years follow-up study of death in the demented elderly in a rural city in Japan

Yuko Bessho, PhD1, Yoji Deguchi, PhD2, Yuko Yasui, PhD3, Takiko Hosoya, PhD2, Mika Hasegawa, MNS2, Yukiyo Yoshida, PHN2, Yukinori Kusaka, Phd4, and Sumio Nagasawa4. (1) School of Nursing, Kanagawa Univ. of Human Services, 1-10-1, Heisei-cho, Yokosuka, 238-0013, Japan, +81-46-828-2616, bessho-y@kuhs.ac.jp, (2) School of Nursing, Fukui University, 23, Matsuoka-cho, Fukui, Japan, (3) Sakai Health and Welfare Center, Fukui Prefecture, Kanatsu-cho, Fukui, Japan, (4) School of Medicine, Fukui University, 23-3, Shimoaizuki, Matsuoka-cho, Fukui, 910-1193, Japan

Objectives: In 1994, the whole population aged 65 and older (n=5340) were surveyed for health and living status in rural K city in Japan. Among them, 201 were diagnosed of dementia with medical examination, according to DSM- IIIR.Ten years follow-up study was conducted to analyze the survival time, causes and places of death in the cohort. Methods: Time, cause and place of death were checked up individually by the vital statistic record with the permission of the Japanese governmental ministry. Mean survival time (MST), causes and places of death were compared to those of the elderly of the same age in K city, statistically. Several factors in the baseline study were examined in relation to death with log rank test(LRT) and Cox proportional hazard model. Results & Discussion:Among 201 elderly, one moved out without the record of the date. Among 200 cases followed, 170 died (85.0%) in 10years and MST was 4.32 years. The death rate was 1.42 times higher than those of the same age population in K city, adjusted for the age groups. The factors related significantly to death of the demented elderly were sex, age group, bed-ridden and mobility. Type and severity of dementia, ADL in eating, toileting and bathing were only significant in LRT.The rate of death with CVD and the rate of death at nursing home was significantly higher (and at hospitals was significantly lower) in the demented group compared to the elderly population of K city.

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    Keywords: Dementia, Mortality

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    The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA