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Exemplary studies of complementary and alternative medicine

Jan L. Wallander, PhD, Elizabeth McKean, MA, Thomas Wells, PhD, and Tabitha Benner, MPA. Sociometrics Corp., 170 State St, Suite 260, Los Altos, CA 94022-2812, 650.949.3282, janw@socio.com

Secondary analysis of scientifically sound datasets will enhance knowledge about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). To facilitate this process, we obtained NCCAM funding to develop a CAM Data Archive (CAMDA) by Oct 2004. We identified through literature searches 169 scientifically sound studies of one of the five NCCAM-defined CAM modalities in humans as candidates. Study summaries were prepared and forwarded together with journal reprints to a panel of 6 nationally recognized CAM expert scientists. The scientist panel independently reviewed and evaluated each study according to specified theoretical, methodological, and statistical criteria as well as utility for secondary analysis and importance for CAM science. Of reviewed studies, 87 (51%) were rated as exemplary, with satisfactory agreement among panel members. These exemplary studies were unevenly distributed across the NCCAM modalities, with biologically-based therapy studies contributing the most (45% of exemplary), followed by alternative systems (27%), manipulative/body-based (17%), and mind-body (10%) therapies; combined therapies contributed one and energy therapies contributed no studies to the exemplary collection. 46% of these studies were conducted outside the U.S. Further descriptive information provides a picture of the state-of-the-art CAM therapy research published through mid-2003, regarding designs, sample sizes, measures, and journal outlets that have been preferred as well as specific CAM therapies thus far investigated. These studies are now being acquired for CAMDA. To be easy to use, fast, and efficient, CAMDA will serve a wide user constituency--health researchers, social scientists, educators, students, and policy makers--to facilitate the advancement of CAM science.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Alternative Medicine/Therapies, Research Agenda

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Relationship: The presenter is an employee of Sociometrics Corp.. The scientific findings that are the focus of this presentation were discovered while developing a data archive that will be commercially marketed by Sociometrics. The development of this archive was fun

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Growing Prevalence of Alternative and Complementary Health Practices: Obstacles and Opportunities for Health Professionals and Consumers

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA