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Health promotion in the African American community: A computer-based nutrtion program

JoAnn Blake, PhD and Jennifer Goodman, PhD. College of Nursing, Prairie View A&M University, 1801 Main St., Ste 801, Houston, TX 77002, 713-797-7022, joann_blake@pvamu.edu

The purpose of the study was to investigate the effectiveness of a computer-based nutrition education program on the use of health promotion behaviors by African-American adults in community settings as compared to traditional methods of instruction on nutrition. The study was designed to determine the feasibility of using a computer based education program to teach health promotion to African Americans in urban community settings.

A multimedia interactive computer program developed by the investigators focused on eating for healthy living, healthy food habits, and shopping and food preparation. Emphasis was placed on eating behaviors that reduce the risk of nutrition linked diseases such as hypertension and heart disease. The computer based nutrition education programs was used as the intervention Project participants were African –American males and females between the ages of 25 and 75.A research team consisting of nursing faculty and students collected data from the selected community sites.

The results of the study indicate health education by computer can be used as a strategy for influencing health behaviors in African Americans. There was a change in health promotion behaviors, eating habits and knowledge of nutrition and diet in the study group as compared to a control group. The study demonstrated that African American communities could benefit from health promotion programs , provided in a culturally sensitive context, which focus on health and reduction of preventable diseases.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Access and Services, Community-Based Health Promotion

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Eliminating Health Disparities: Findings From Research Conducted By HBCU Investigators

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA