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Academic research infrastructure support initiative to advance health services research in Puerto Rico

Roberto Torres-Zeno, PhD, Ralph Rivera-Gutiérrez, PhD, José Conde, MD, Ruth Rios, PhD, Jose Capriles, MD, MHSA, Mario H. Rodriguez, PhD, MPH, Carmen Albizu-Garcia, MD, Heriberto A. Marin, PhD, Angela Pattatucci, PhD, and Roberto Ramirez, PhD. University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Health, Puerto Rico Health Services Research Institute, PO Box 365067, U.P.R. Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PR 00936, 787-758-2525 Ext. 1488, retorres@rcm.upr.edu

Health disparities exist between Puerto Ricans and other Latino and Non-Latino subgroups, and among Puerto Rican subgroups. Puerto Ricans living in the island experience health problems and issues of great concern from a public health standpoint. Chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease as well as infectious conditions are exacerbated by environmental, structural, sociopolitical and economic factors. In addition, the impact of health care reform interventions implemented in the island since 1993 has not been scientifically studied and is, therefore, unknown. The nature and magnitude of these health disparities and problems in regard to the health care delivery system are not well understood and must be scientifically studied to illuminate health policy decision-making processes. This poster presents the findings of a health needs assessment based on secondary data sources and expert opinion on Puerto Ricans living in the island, which served as the foundation for the creation of a research infrastructure program to advance health services research. The infrastructure supports research projects on three priority pediatric topic areas: asthma, mental health and infant mortality. The poster also describes the objectives, organizational design and implementation aspects of the research support infrastructure model.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Health Disparities, Child/Adolescent

Related Web page: rcmi.rcm.upr.edu

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Poster Session: Access to care

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA