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Acceptability of contraceptive methods: Dimensions of sexual satisfaction

Rebecka Inga Lundgren, MPH, Georgetown University Medical Center, Institute for Reproductive Health, 4301 Connecticut Ave., Suite 310, Washington, DC 20008, 202-687-7969, lundgrer@georgetown.edu

Acceptability is critical in the development and introduction of new contraceptive methods. The influence of method use on intimate behavior is an intrinsic attribute of contraceptive methods with implications for method adoption, correct use and continuation. Although coital frequency is typically used as an indicator of sexual satisfaction, qualitative data suggests that frequency may not be the most salient aspect of sexual satisfaction. This paper proposes a model to assess interaction between method acceptability and sexual satisfaction drawing on data from formative research, clinical trials and introduction studies of the Standard Days Method in seventeen programs in Asia, Latin America and Africa: including quarterly interviews with 1600 users. The model consists of four intersecting parameters of sexual satisfaction vis-a-vis contraceptive use. On one axis is the physical and emotional dimension. On the other is well-being and sexual pleasure. The model is dynamic because data suggests that acceptability of the influence of method use on sexual pleasure is not static the relative attractiveness of methods changes over time, with users relying on their previous experience as a reference point. Data will be presented showing that provider and user assessments of method attributes often differ, and are based on deeply rooted cultural norms regarding sexuality and gender. Provider assumptions regarding method acceptability can restrict contraceptive choice and undermine efforts to involve men in family planning. Implications of the interface between sexual pleasure and contraceptive use for training, counseling and communication efforts will be discussed.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the session participants will be able to

Keywords: Contraception, Sexual Behavior

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Emerging Issues and Strategies in Reproductive Health Programming

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