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Injection device security for injectable contraceptives

Paula Nersesian, RN, MPH, DELIVER, John Snow, Inc., 1600 North Fort Myer Dr, 11th Floor, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-528-7474, paula_nersesian@jsi.com

Unsafe injections account for a significant number of unnecessary blood born infections annually, particularly Hepatitis B and C and HIV. This presentation will focus on ways in which a commitment by government officials and effective supply chain management can help ensure injection safety.

Commodity security for reproductive health (RH) supplies exists when people are able to choose, obtain and use quality RH products whenever they need them. This concept has recently been applied to injection devices in WHO’s document “Guiding Principles to Ensure Injection Device Security.” This document provides background information, recommendations and a strategy to help ensure that all injections given are safe. Implementation of the recommendations requires commitments on the part of national governments providing health services as well as governments donating health products.

USAID has taken steps to ensure that the injectable contraceptives they donate can be given safely and that the waste generated can be disposed of properly. By bundling auto-disable syringes and safety boxes with donated Depo-Provera®, USAID is demonstrating their commitment to injection device security and safe injection practices overall.

To better understand how these safe injection products are being distributed, USAID has asked the DELIVER project to conduct three studies to explore how the products have moved through the supply chain. This presentation will describe results from the three studies scheduled for the Spring of 2004 and will highlight findings about the distribution, use, and disposal of the donated safe injection devices. Next steps toward improving injection device security will also be addressed.

Learning Objectives: By the end of the session, participants will be able to

Related Web page: www.deliver.jsi.com

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Emerging Issues and Strategies in Reproductive Health Programming

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