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Vietnamese Refugees and the Danish Health Care Service: Attitude, Use and Barriers

Joseph D Truong, Nemours Clinical Management Program, Nemours Children's Clinic, 496 S> Delaney, suite 408, Orlando, FL 32801, 407-650-7600, JTruong@Nemours.org

Background There are about 2.5% foreigners from the third world in Denmark. Studies have shown these immigrants had different views on health and illness. Integration showed very little effect on the understanding of accepted health and illness. Objective The aim is to assess the knowledge and attitude of this group on question of health and disease, their attitude, use and barrier with the Health Care service in comparison to their own cultural and social conditions. Method Study population: Vietnamese refugees. Quantitative method with a self-administrated questionnaire cross-sectioned study. Results An association between education /SES and the actual knowledge of health and illness, association between education /SES and the actual knowledge of access to Health Services. The higher education the better knowledge of health and disease. SES seemed to have a positive impact on the knowledge of health and disease. Age was an important factor in reaching a better educational level and SES. Conclusions Education, SES and communication difficulties limited knowledge of health & disease, and access to the Health Care Service. The study showed the experiences of the elderly or those, who had only been in the country for more than 5 years. They were not articulate in language. Their need might easily remain unseen and their views unheard by health care providers. The findings illustrated the difficulties faced by members of one refugee group in gaining access to the Danish Health Care Service. It could happen to other minority groups in Denmark as well as in the USA.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Health Disparities, Access to Health Care

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Cultural Competency/Diversity: Understanding Diversity From a Community Perspective

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA