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Male Advocates for Responsible Sexuality (MARS): An Innovative Male Reproductive Health Demonstration Project

Lena Marie Edmunds, BS, BA, CHES1, Elizabeth Rink, LCSW, CHES1, Ann Zukoski, DrPH MPH2, and Megan M. Patton, EdM, CHES1. (1) Community Health Division, Benton County Health Department, PO Box 579, 530 NW 27th Street, Corvallis, OR 97339-0579, 541-766-6629, lena.m.edmunds@co.benton.or.us, (2) Department of Public Health, Oregon State University, 254 Waldo Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331-6406

In this presentation, we will describe MARS, an innovative male reproductive health demonstration project at the Benton County Health Department funded by the US Office of Population Affairs. MARS utilizes educational outreach and family planning clinical services to increase sexual responsibility among males age 13 to 25. The mission of MARS is to support men in taking a responsible role in promoting equality and cooperation in relationships, pregnancy and infection prevention, and overcoming stereotypical gender roles. There are two components to MARS: 1) Educational Outreach, and 2) Clinical Services. We will describe the use of the theory of reasoned action and diffusion of innovation theory as theoretical frameworks for addressing male reproductive health. The presentation will describe the 6-week educational outreach intervention in schools, faith based organizations and local agencies as well as the clinical services males receive as part of the MARS program. The presentation will present data from pre and post tests that report changes in attitudes and perceptions among project participants. Variables to be addressed include: healthy relationships, attitudes about abstinence and contraceptives, communication and health care service. In addition we will present findings illustrating differences between different target populations which include males with developmental disabilities, Asian American males, high school age males and Hispanic males as well as how MARS is tailored to meet the reproductive needs of different populations.

Learning Objectives: Learning Objectives