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Partnership Development in Response to the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic

Samuel Nixon Jr, Director, HIV/AIDS Initiative, Lott Carey International, 300 I Street, NE, Suite 103, Washington, DC 20002, 202-543-3200, snixonj@aol.com

Faith-based organizations are becoming increasingly recognized as playing critically pivotal and strategic roles in the fight against the global HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Lott Carey International (LCI) has been engaged in an innovative initiative to respond to the global HIV/AIDS pandemic in a uniquely different way. As a 106-year-old missions agency, Lott Carey Foreign Missions launched LCI to expand the capacity of the churches of the African Diaspora to make a difference in the lives of people around the globe in areas of health, education, and development.

With a constituency of over 1500 churches of the African Diaspora who give annually, Lott Carey represents a global missions agency. By examining how faith-based partnerships fighting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic must be carefully structured around culture, leadership capacity, and changing political climates, LCI has begun to implement comprehensive, collective, and replicable global partnership models for responding to the HIV/AIDS global pandemic.

This session will address the development that has occurred to date, as well as the results unfolding in African countries and portions of India. Several country examples will be used to illustrate the process that Lott Carey has implemented for partnership development. The on-going challenges and opportunities that these partnership models present continue to require review and revision to meet the needs of communities on local, regional, and country levels. Lott Carey's experience in approaching partnerships from non-traditional perspectives to combat HIV/AIDS have helped begin the process of equipping communities, through their leadership, in exciting and newly evolving ways!

Learning Objectives: This presentation will provide learning opportunities and insights to

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, International

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Faith Community Approaches To Address Health Disparities

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA