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Passing on the environmental mentoring torch: The role of African-American public health educators

Justin Odulana, PhD, University Professor, Retired, 3168 35th Street South, LaCrosse, WI 54601, 608 787 8997, jstndlsn@netscape.net

Most metropolitan cites boarded up by gas station, abandoned homes and factories, and in close proximity to transpotation services which constituted visual, economic and health blight are populated by African American families. Although some of these neighborhoods, known as brownfields are being confronted by government and private efforts, they cntribute to the higher incidence of various chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma and bronchitis among African American families. For all African-American public health educators who have ever been an environmental protege, that experience have, undoubtedly been invaluable to their personal, community, and professional development. When this role as a protege comes to an end, it should be time to pass on the environmental mentoring torch. African-American public health educators have a responsibility to mentor their communities, others entering the field, as well as mid-careerists preparing to lead the healthcare system of tomorrow about environmental health. As a former protege, African-American health educators are ideal professionals to become mentors and advocates for creating and sustaining an environmental mentoring proggram that will address environmental policies in their communities and in the profession. By sharing our wisdoms, insights, and experiences, we can advocate for policies that will address various environmental issues within the African American families. This paper will focus on the various environmental health issues affecting the African-American family, transitioning stages from protege to mentoring, strategies in building and promoting environmental mentoring relationship, and how to create and sustain an environmental focus among African-American families and their communities.

Learning Objectives:

Keywords: Environmental Health, African American

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