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Model policies for changing the school nutrition and physical activity environment: Lessons learned from six California school districts

Gail M. Woodward-Lopez, MPH, RD, Center for Weight and Health, University of California, Berkeley, 3 Giannini Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720-3100, 510-642-1599, gwlopez@nature.berkeley.edu, J. Lewis, MA, RD, California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division, 1430 N Street, Suite 1500, Sacramento, CA 945814-5901, and Patricia B. Crawford, DrPH, RD, Department of Nutritional Sciences and Center for Weight and Health, University of California, Berkeley, 9 Morgan Hall, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3104.

PURPOSE: The Nutrition Services Division of the California Department of Education awarded grants to six school districts across California to support their efforts to develop model policies and implementation plans for improving student nutrition and physical activity. An evaluation was conducted to determine lessons learned from these school districts’ experiences and provide recommendations for other school districts interested in improving student health and performance.

METHODS: Site visits were conducted at each school district by an independent evaluator. Methodologies employed at the site visits included in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, environmental scans, meal-time and activity observations. Analyses of the policy documents, implementation plans and progress reports were also conducted based on standardized criteria.

FINDINGS: A cross-site comparison and lessons learned from the following will be discussed: membership and roles of the policy committees; assessment process and tools employed by the school districts; policy development process and role of key stakeholders; content and adequacy of the implementation plans; implementation strategies—accomplishments, barriers and keys to success.

Learning Objectives:

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    Influencing Policy for Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues

    The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA