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Local religious institutions and urban public health promotion: 21st Century parish nursing

Nisha D. Botchwey, PhD, Department of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia, School of Architecture, Campbell Hall, P.O. Box 400122, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4122, 434-924-6444, nbotchwey@virginia.edu

This session discusses religious organizations as components of the built environment, and assesses their role in pubic health promotion. The study follows an urban planning paradigm with emphasis on social capital and community development. Findings are based on results of surveys and interviews completed by religious and secular nonprofits in North Philadelphia. This study area encompasses seven continuous census tracts equaling 1.13 square miles with approximately 400 city blocks, and is reflective of other densely populated central cities. It is also home to many low-income minority children, youth, elderly and families. These groups are at high risks for many chronic and acute diseases, and may be positively impacted by the enhancement of community-based health and education services provided by the religious sector.

Findings indicate that the local religious institutions dominate high-poverty communities. Moreover, congregations and faith-based organizations report higher percentages of groups participating in service offerings and provide a greater variety of health services than their secular counterparts. The religious sector’s involvement in public health promotion mirrors the historic role of traditional parish nurses, working to enhance the quality of life for local communities.

Learning Objectives:

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    Keywords: Faith Community, Health Disparities

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    Faith Community Approaches To Address Health Disparities

    The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA