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Using Standardized Patients to Train and Evaluate Nurse Practitioner Students on Addressing Lesbian Health Issues

Carolyn Rutledge, PhD1, Laurel S. Garzon, DNSc, CPNP2, Richardean S. Benjamin, RN, MPH, PhD1, and Stacey B. Plichta, ScD3. (1) School of Nursing, Old Dominion University, Hughes Hall, 2089, Norfolk, VA 23529, 757 683-5009, crutledg@odu.edu, (2) School of Nursing,2103 Hughes Hall, Old Dominion University, Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23529, (3) College of Health Sciences, Old Dominion University, 129 Spong Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529

The purpose of this standardized patient (SP) program is to train and evaluate nurse practitioner (NP) students on addressing lesbian healthcare issues. This program focuses on the Healthy People 2010 goal, “Eliminate Health Disparities” and cultural competencies. SPs have become an integral part in the NP education. Cases are presented by individuals from the community trained to present clinical scenarios, assess performance, and provide feedback. This year, a case was developed that portrayed a lesbian woman seeking health care. The students were blinded regarding her lifestyle. They were given her chief complaint of chest pain. Through the history, the students were to uncover the fact that the patient was suffering from anxiety related to issues surrounding her sexual preference. Once the interview was completed, the SP gave the students feedback regarding their performance and sensitivity to their alternative lifestyle. This program enables NP students to gain deeper understanding and skills in managing patients of alternative lifestyles. Using SPs, students are provided opportunities to become culturally competent utilizing the constructs of cultural competency emphasized by Campinha-Bacote (2002).

Learning Objectives:

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Cultural Competency and Women's Health

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA