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Focus Groups: A Grassroots Approach to Addressing Health Disparities in Healthcare

Richardean S. Benjamin, RN, MPH, PhD1, Laurel S. Garzon, DNSc, CPNP2, Carolyn Rutledge, PhD1, and Stacey B. Plichta, ScD3. (1) School of Nursing, Old Dominion University, Hughes Hall, 2091A, Norfolk, VA 23529-0500, 757-683-4297, rbenjami@odu.edu, (2) School of Nursing,2103 Hughes Hall, Old Dominion University, Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23529, (3) College of Health Sciences, Old Dominion University, 129 Spong Hall, Norfolk, VA 23529

One in four Americans (67 million) is classified as a member of one of the four major racial or ethnic minority groups: African American, Latino/Hispanic, native American or Asian/Pacific Islander. These changing demographics have forced health professions educators to reexamine approach used to prepare students. This study uses a qualitative approach to responding to the question of the relationship of cultural competency and health disparity in healthcare. A series of focus groups are being conducted over the next year with participants from key cultural groups representative of the Hampton Roads area. A semi-structure discussion guide developed by the principal investigator, guided by themes from the literature regarding factors that affect health disparities and concepts included in the Campina-Bacote model of Cultural Competence (2003), is the primary data collection instrument. Focus groups provide an opportunity for obtaining a richer and deeper understanding of the issues that are critical to respondentís circumstances. Focus group transcripts are being systematically analyzed for themes and patterns using methods described by Miles & Huberman (1994). Transcript data will be reduced into coded units using Ethnograph, a computer software program to identify patterns and themes so the data can be further reduced into major categories.

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Cultural Competency and Women's Health

The 132nd Annual Meeting (November 6-10, 2004) of APHA