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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
4082.0: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - Board 5

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Making strategic decisions about service delivery

Julie Nelson Ingoglia, MPH, National Association of County and City Health Officials, 1100 17th Street, NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20036 and Shilpa Punja, MPH, NACCHO, 1100 17th St NW, 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20036, 202-783-5550 ext 202, spunja@naccho.org.

Over the past several years demands on time and resources within local public health agencies (LPHAs) has changed, forcing many LPHAs to examine their role in the provision of direct clinical services. The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) recognized the need to develop a resource to assist LPHAs in finding their niche in the continuum of access and services. With support from the HRSA Bureau of Primary Health Care, Making Strategic Decisions about Service Delivery: An Action Tool for Assessment and Transitioning was developed, to assist health departments in determining their appropriate role in service delivery for their community, while leveraging resources and forming partnerships with other healthcare providers to increase overall access to primary health care. The tool's flexibility enhances its ability to accommodate the uniqueness of each decision-making process and potential transition of services, as well increases its adaptability beyond LPHAs to various entities both at the local and state level, examining a variety of services beyond clinical care.

This presentation will explore the tool and accompanying trainings, and how these have been used by local and state health officials to assist in the decision making process. The presenter will discuss the tool's flexibility and potential to be adapted by other community organizations and for other topics, including mental health and environmental health.

Learning Objectives:

  • At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to

    Keywords: Community Health Planning, Decision-Making

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    Community Partnerships: Working Together to Improve Health

    The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA