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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
4275.0: Tuesday, December 13, 2005 - Board 5

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Suspicious infant death: The LA model

Michael Durfee, MD, ICAN National Center on Child Fatality Review, 210 Starlight Crest, La Canada, CA 91011, 6264554585, michaeld55@aol.com

Suspicious Infant Death - the “LA Model”

The Los Angeles County infant death data model connects indices in health, criminal justice and social services to study and manage suspicious infant death. Twenty five LA County infant homicides in 2001 were tracked by the ICAN Child Death Review Team to connect city, county and state indices including vital statistics homicide, FBI-UCR-SHR homicide, and social services “fatal child abuse/neglect”. The match can cross agency, county and state boundaries but was particularly problematic connecting local to state records. Infant are chosen for multiple reasons besides manageable numbers. Infant homicides provide a small, fairly pure population comprising 40% of all children killed by a caretaker and less than 5% of infant homicides caused by a non-caretaker. Connecting multi-agency indices connects records, interventions, and improves inter-agency communications. Failure to connect can block screens for child care providers or cause inappropriate sanctions. State / local infant death data raises serious questions with missing answers. Apparent discrepancies seem dismissed as “different systems and different people applying different rules”. Criminal justice infant homicides numbers are usually lower than vital stats homicide reaching zero in several large states. Different state vital statistics infant homicide rates vary up to 400%. (“51 state comparison”, ican-ncfr.org). A Pierson R analysis of 0.6 suggests an unstudied correlation with total infant mortality. Race and poverty data show unstudied disparities. The LA Model supports other child death data systems and projects statewide implementation. The model will be available to other states at ican-ncfr.org.

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Keywords: Family Violence, Death

Related Web page: ican-ncfr.org

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