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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
3072.6: Monday, December 12, 2005 - Board 3

Abstract #115370

Viagra, club drugs & STI/HIV risk in drug abusing men

Robert Malow, PhD1, Dennis G. Fisher, PhD2, Adi Jaffe, BA2, Grace L. Reynolds, DPA2, Rhonda K. Rosenberg, PhD3, and Nisha Farrell, BS1. (1) Robert Stempel School of Public Health/ AIDS Prevention Program, Florida International University, 3000 N.E. 151 Street, ACI-260, North Miami, FL 33181, 305-919-4200, malowr@fiu.edu, (2) Center for Behavioral Research & Services, California State University, Long Beach, 1090 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, (3) Research Assistant Professor, Stempel School of Public Health, Florida International University, AIDS Prevention Program, Biscayne Bay Campus, AC1 260, 3000 NE 151st Street, Miami, FL 33181

BACKGROUND: Until recently, the Viagra connection to HIV was anchored in older adults. However, CDC investigation showed stability in 50+ HIV diagnoses on the heels of upward trends in risk indicators among MSM and substance abusing populations, concurrent with escalating levels of club drug and recreational behavior. Signs have increasingly pointed to Viagra misuse by younger populations, many who are HIV+ and experiencing HAART-related impotence. Currently, the field is still locating the substance abuse, sexual risk, and age dimensions of Viagra misuse. Recent studies identify it primarily as substance abuse, yet these are based on less generalizable populations. This report analyzes the relationship among Viagra, Club Drug and HIV sex risk behavior in drug abusing men.

METHODS: Participants were 590 males recruited from three HIV programs in Los Angeles County. Mean age was 44.13 years, ranging from 18 to 73 with almost 25% over 50. Sexual orientation was 81% heterosexual, 7% bisexual, and 12% gay. Ethnicity was 40% white, 39% black, and 19% Hispanic. NIDA's Risk Behavior Assessment and a Club Drug/Viagra addendum were used to collect socio-demographic, substance use, and sexual risk data.

RESULTS: No age effect was found. MSM were more likely to use Viagra. Receptive/insertive anal sex was a significant co-factor as were Amphetamine, Ecstasy, Ketamine, and GHB. Having HIV, Hepatitis B or Gonorrhea was also predictive.

CONCLUSIONS: Viagra use has moved into a new generational context and now complicates the sexual risk and intervention equations for MSM and other long burdened populations.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this session, the participant will be able to

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse

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HIV/AIDS: Across Multiple Communities and Populations

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