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American Public Health Association
133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
December 10-14, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
APHA 2005
Session: Cultural Competence: Understanding Smoking in Special Populations Poster Session
4077.0: Tuesday, December 13, 2005: 12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Cultural Competence: Understanding Smoking in Special Populations Poster Session
Learning Objectives: See individual abstracts
Board 1Creating the Smokeless Sabbath: A faith based anti-tobacco campaign in a low income African American community
Rita J. Lourie, MSN, MPH, RN, Marilyn Wood, MA, Robin Dunn
Board 2Relations between diagnosed nicotine dependence and the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence in English- and Chinese-speaking Americans
G. Scott Acton, PhD, Janice Y. Tsoh, PhD, Hiroyuki Yamada, PhD
Board 3Correlates of cigarette smoking vary among selected Southwest and Northern Plains Tribal Groups
Patricia Nez Henderson, MD, MPH, Janette Beals, PhD, Clemma Jacobsen, MS, The AI-SUPERPFP Team
Board 4Determinants of tobacco use among Long Beach Cambodian Americans
Robert H. Friis, PhD, Mohammed Forouzesh, MPH, PhD, Him S. Chhim, MS, MPA, Sheetal Monga, MS, Donna Sze
Board 5Cigarette smoking among low-income African American women: A hidden, neglected, and growing public health problem
Jorge Delva, PhD, Marisol Tellez, PhD, Tracy L. Finlayson, BS, Kimberlee Gretebeck, PhD, Kristine Siefert, PhD, MPH, David R. Williams, PhD, Amid Ismail
Board 6Tobacco use among Asian-American college students in Florida
Jiunn-Jye Sheu, MSPH, PhD, CHES, W. William Chen, PhD, Delores C.S. James, PhD, RD, LD
Board 7Involvement with tobacco control issues and young adult smoking
Pamela Ling, MD, MPH, Torsten B. Neilands, PhD, Stanton A. Glantz, PhD
Board 8Tobacco and alcohol use among homosexual and bisexual adults in California
Alyssa R. Grauman, MPH, Deirdre M. Lawrence, PhD, MPH, Nathaniel Allen, William Davis, PhD
Board 9Everyday influences on smoking outcomes over time in low-SES women of childbearing age
Kathleen S. Crittenden, PhD, Clara Manfredi, PhD, Young Ik Cho, MA, PhD, Shasha Gao, MS, Therese A. Dolecek, PhD
Board 10Correlates of daily smoking among arrested women in New York City and Los Angeles, 1997
Tracy Durrah, DrPH
See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.
Organized by:Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by:Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Public Health Nursing; Women's Caucus
CE Credits:Oral Health

The 133rd Annual Meeting & Exposition (December 10-14, 2005) of APHA