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Effectiveness Evaluation on School Tobacco Control in China Six Cities

Ling Qian, Center for Training and Evaluation, National Institute for Health Education, China CDC, Building 12, Block 1,Anhuaxili, Beijing 100011,P.R.China, Beijing, China and Ian M. Newman, Nebraska Prevention Center for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 232 Teachers College Hall / P.O. Box 880345, Lincoln, NE 68588-0345, 402-472-3844, inewman1@unl.edu.

Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of school intervention activities about tobacco control, and provide scientific evidence for exploring strategies and activities on school tobacco control. Methods: 15 primary and middle schools in six cities were selected as intervention schools, and 15 were matched as control schools. The one-year intervention (2003) included strengthening linkages between the Education Department and Health Department, recruiting expert advice, training school leaders and teachers, seeking family and community support, and motivating and promoting student involvement in new and creative ways. The baseline survey and follow-up survey measured students and school staff knowledge, attitude and behavior about tobacco and health. Results: In the intervention schools the rates of knowledge and correct attitude about tobacco and health for both students and school staff increased significantly compared to the control schools. In the intervention middle schools rate of students' who tried smoking went down from 16.4% to 5.4%, and in the control middle schools from 13.6% to 11.3%. In the intervention schools the rate of current smoking among school staff decreased significantly from 11.50% to 5.51%, and in the control schools remained at 10.3%. In the intervention schools, among male staff, the rate of current smoking declined from 34.6% to 15.8%, and among staff 35 years and older the rate declined from 14.5% to 6.4%. These results suggest that the intervention had positive effects on both student and school staff. These results and others will be discussed in terms of China's developing tobacco control programs.

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Keywords: Tobacco Control, School-Based Programs

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