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Heterosexual anal sex among female drug users: Role of methamphetamine

Grace L. Reynolds, DPA1, Amanda Latimore, BA1, Dennis Fisher, PhD1, and Adi Jaffe, MA2. (1) Center for Behavioral Research and Services, California State University Long Beach, 1090 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813, 562-495-2330, greynol2@csulb.edu, (2) Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles, 925 Weyburn Pl., #418, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Background: Receptive anal sex is an HIV high-risk behavior among men, but little is known about women who engage in anal sex. Methods: Data from a national sample of drug using women were compared to a local Long Beach sample of drug using women. Data were analyzed using SAS (v. 9.03) for multivariate logistic regression. Results: In the national sample, 522 (5.4%) women reported anal sex in the last 30 days. The multivariate model predicting anal sex included risk factors: trading sex for money in the last 30 days (OR 1.49, CI 1.2,1.8); trading sex for drugs in the last 30 days (OR 1.38, CI 1.11,1.72); risk perception for HIV (OR 1.12, CI 1.03,1.21); times ever had gonorrhea (OR 1.12, CI 1.04,1.19); using non prescription methadone immediately before or after sex (OR 1.06, CI 1.01,1.11); using amphetamines in the last 30 days (OR 1.03, CI 1.01,1.05); times ever had trichomonas (OR 1.03, CI 1.001,1.06); and number of days used cocaine in the last 30 (OR 1.02, CI 1.008,1.03). African American race/ethnicity (OR .47, CI .38, .58) and age (OR .97, CI .96, .98) were protective against anal sex in women. The local Long Beach sample of 568 drug-using women included 41 women who reported anal sex. Risk factors for these women were almost identical to the national sample. Conclusions: Drug using women who report anal sex have used amphetamines in the last month, use amphetamine before or immediately after sex, and have an increased perception of risk for HIV.

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Keywords: Drug Use, Women and HIV/AIDS

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Dialogue of Perspectives on Methamphetamine Challenges and Emerging Issues

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