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Techfresh.Org: A Web-Based Intervention to Promote Healthy Living among College Students

Joseph W. VanderVeen, BA1, David Trotter, BA1, Donna Bacchi, MD2, Kerren McDougal, EdD2, Lee Cohen, PhD1, and Stuart Allen2. (1) Clinical Psychology, Texas Tech University, Box 42051, Lubbock, TX 79409, (2) Pediatrics, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, 3601 4th St, MS 9406, Lubbck, TX 79430, 8067434481, donna.bacchi@ttuhsc.edu

Binge drinking is a large public health concern among college students. It is defined as consuming 5 or more drinks in one sitting and is more prevalent among college students when compared to their non-college attending peers. Prevalence rates for binge drinking among college students have been found to be between 21 and 44%. This study examined whether a web based intervention could promote healthier living among college students. Students were randomly selected from each class ranking to complete a short survey online and to become familiar with the TechFresh.org website. The same students were then assessed three months later. Out of the 338 students retained, a sub-sample of 260 was created to represent college students who drink alcohol. Specifically, the differences found among binge drinkers (n=70) and non-binge drinkers (n=190) were measured. Results at the 3 month follow-up showed a significant decrease in hazardous drinking behaviors reported by the binge drinking group {t (69) = 3.89, p<. 001}. Results indicate that using a web-based intervention, such as TechFresh.org, gives college students exposure to healthy lifestyle habits while also discouraging heavy alcohol use.

Supported by: The Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

CORRESPONDING AUTHOR: Joseph VanderVeen, TTU, Department of Psychology (Box 42051), Lubbock, Texas 79409-2051; joe.vanderveen@ttu.edu

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Related Web page: www.techfresh.org

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